Single Courses at WestCliff Prep May Be The Right Fit…

  • Credit recovery courses you find are usually only available in the summer.
  • The courses you want to take at your local school are not offered.
  • Your school cannot accommodate your busy schedule.
  • You need to learn at your own pace.
  • You are a few credits short of graduation or need a higher GPA.
  • You require a program/course that can follow your athletic travel schedule.
  • You are currently in a homeschool program, and your parents/ program does not offer the courses you want.
  • You want to get dual enrollment/ college credit while in High School.
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Classes are currently offered for $500 for a limited time only, for the 2023 year.

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Single Course Classes

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Benefits of Taking Single Courses

  • Flexible Schedule that works for you
  • Participate in hands-on learning
  • Learn practical leadership skills
  • Take courses taught by University professors
  • Prepare for college and beyond
  • Eligible for College courses and credit
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