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Westcliff esports will be putting on a 3-day camp that highlights 3 pillars of the esports industry: Competition, Creativity, and Collaboration. This event is brought to you by the heads of Westcliff University’s esports department. Attendees will learn from experienced eSports coaches and players, while learning how to carve out their unique paths in this competitive industry.


Carve Out Your Unique Path
Carve Out Your Unique Path

Learn From WU Coaches & Players 1:1
Learn From WU Coaches & Players 1:1

WU Team is a Top 10 Call of Duty Team
WU Team is a Top 10 Call of Duty Team

Learn About Gaming Tips & Tricks
Learn About Gaming Tips & Tricks

Meet Other Players and People in esports
Meet Other Players and People in esports

Playoffs Participants for Madden & Call of Duty Since 2020
Playoffs Participants for Madden & Call of Duty Since 2020



June 15 - 17, 2022 | 5 Hours Each Day

Hosted by Westcliff Preparatory Academy, brought to you by Westcliff University

AGES: 12-17


Lunch and Snacks Provided


In-Person: 17877 Von Karman Avenue., 4th Floor
Irvine, CA 92614

Online: Your Choice


  • In-Person with loaner gaming computer: $150
  • In-Person using your own computer: $100
  • Online: (Limited availability $50
  • Scholarships available with video essay:


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Each day will focus on a specific pillar, with 5 hours of activities planned each day. Students will be instructed to download and have an account ready for Rocket League. This is a free to play game available on a wide range of systems, making it an easily accessible game for any participant.

June 15:

Hour 1: Coach provides an overview of the competitive landscape of esports, across different games and levels, followed by a current player speaking about their own unique experiences playing independently and for a collegiate team.

Hour 2: Students encouraged to play Rocket League. Coach and Player 1:1 will be available to help guide beginning players.

Hour 3: Students discuss their own unique experience. Later, students will be divided into groups of similar skill levels.

Hour 4: Students play in teams against each other.

Hour 5: Students surveyed about their progress. Those not skilled in Rocket League, will be given opportunities to showcase their passion for gaming in non-competitive methods.

June 16:

Hour 1: Coaches discuss creative roles in esports at a high level (content creators, live streamers, shout casters).

Hour 2: Students will be assigned to create promotional campaigns to support competitive/live streaming friends.

Hour 3: Students will present campaign ideas and vote on the ideal campaign they wish to participate in. Students will then be divided and placed into groups accordingly.

Hour 4-5: Students work on the ideas with coaches available for suggestions.

June 17:

Hour 1-4: Students will transform their ideas into real campaigns. There will be an emphasis on pursuing low-risk, high return items, simple but effective product designs, and what can be accomplished now to build a better tomorrow.

Hour 5: Students showcase their ideas.

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